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    To our Jewish friends on this site…..may you have a blessed Rosh Hashana.  Year 5773, I believe?  My we all reflect on the past year, mend any broken relationships and start anew with love and peace to our fellow man.  For all things old have fallen away and a fresh new life is ahead of us. 

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    Sending my prayers for all of you on the US East coast. May The Lord keep you safe, dry and with power!



    Happy New Year to you, all! 2012was quite the year with crazy ups and downs. There were many many times that I thought my relationship with my loved one who was caught up In the WMSCOG would not last. BUT…….God was there, carrying me through it. He is always faithful, His steadfast love endures forever. I know that I am His child and Jesus is my Savior. Special blessings be upon the creators of this site who survived a lawsuit. Blessings to you all for a wonderful new 2013! Thank you all for being there when I have questions and for your moral support.



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    So now you wanna play ball with Sarah and your spams? We are not buying.

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