Any ex-members from Singapore?

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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been to a few 1-on-1 “Bible study” sessions with a member from the local chapter of the World Mission Society Church of God in my country, Singapore, but I want to talk to some ex-members of the cult to find out more. In particular, I hope to find out what are some control tactics they used in the cult’s local chapter.

    I have dug around and reached out to potential ex-members but none of them have replied to me. I thought I would try my luck here as this place is a wealth of knowledge for anyone hoping to learn the truth about the WMSCOG cult.

    Please reach out to me if any of you are ex-members of the cult in Singapore or know of anyone who was an ex-member in Singapore. You can reach me by replying to this thread or messaging this account directly.

    Thank you! I am truly hoping there will be replies.

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