Another Lawsuit Against the WMSCOG in NJ – “Secret Pact”

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    This is another example of WMSCOG using considerable financial resources to tie things up in court.  There is no way this confidentiality agreement will hold but they can tie things up for awhile to delay the inevitable judgment against them.  This is a common tactic, spending vast sums of money on legal fees to try to discourage those with less resources to drop their claims.  WMSCOG can keep collecting money from it’s captive minions, while those on the outside have to rely on meager resources, family, friends or other fund raising to get their claims heard and judged.  WMSCOG is a filthy cult run by degenerate Koreans for their own financial gain.  But …. they have lots of money …. like Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, and other degenerate cults before them.



    Im thinking about showing my wife this but i don’t know if it will even work to make her see who the group really is



    Just one more way that this control group proves that they DON’T have “THE TRUTH”! Could you imagine if Jesus (THE TRUE CHRIST) said, “I will teach you the truth however, you must first sign this gag order and if you ever go home to your family, friends, or are ever asked you can never share the truth with them.” How obviously pathetic is this? Most of their members are out of this control group in five years or less but the amount of damage done to these victims should be considered criminal and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in each country they pull this manipulation in. (What’s the law for killing ones spirit?)





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