(Edgar) Former WMSCOG Mother God Cult Member Testimony – Part 1

Around 4 years ago I had my first in-person conversation/debate with a member of the World Mission Society Church Of God. That member was Edgar. That conversation showed me how deeply deceptive this group’s ideologies and doctrines were and it motivated me to seek to understand them and learn how to respond/refute their arguments, in hopes that I could help people escape. It was because of that conversation that I ultimately began making response videos to the WMSCOG on this YouTube channel, and so to now have him on the channel, doing an interview and helping me to counteract this group is very significant.

Edgar was a passionate, devoted member of the World Mission Society Church Of God (WMSCOG) for 11 years. In this video he talks about why he left the WMSCOG and the many issues that he now sees with this cult group.

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