Zhang Gil-Jah

Zhang Gil-Jah
  1. Does Zhang Gil-Jah Fulfill The Prophecy Of The Heifer In Numbers 19?  Or Is She Just A Cow?
  2. Does Zhang Gil-Jah Represent The Heifer In Numbers 19?
  3. Zhang Gil-Jah’s Ex-Husband’s Side Of The Story?
  4. Chairwoman of the International We Love U Foundation
  5. In the News but No Mention of Her Being Special
  6. Ahn Sahng-Hong Never Spoke About a “Mother God”?
  7. In The News But No Mention Of Her Being Special
  8. Who Does Eve Represent According To Ahn Sahng-Hong?  “Visitors From The Angelic World”
  9. Mother In The Bible:  Country Or Korean Lady?  Galatians 4:26
  10. “There Is A Fake God the Mother So That Proves There Is A Real God the Mother”?
  11. “Is The City of New Jerusalem a Female God?” Audio Recording of Ahn Sanhg-Hong
  12. Problems With New Jerusalem by Ahn Sahng-Hong vs. The World Mission Society Church of God
  13. An Interview With The NCPCOG: Ahnsahnghong Believed The Idea Of A “Mother God” To Be Delusional


  • I must say at this point I dont believe zahng gil jah is her true name. I belive it’s a AKA in fact many of the koreans are using several AKA’s. At this time thats all I can say about this. If anyone knows the true names of “korean” members pastors missionaries and deacons who came out of korea in your church or over seas can you pleas let me know.

  • her real name is queen of the damned