WMSCOG Tries To Silence The Owner Of This Site With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

In December of 2011 the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) filed a lawsuit against the owner of this website claiming defamation among other things. Turns out, this was not the only lawsuit the WMSCOG filed in December–also filing suit against a critical reporter in Mongolia after a broadcast containing complaints by former members of the church.  WMSCOG members reportedly issued death threats against the station’s staff. So I count at least three four lawsuits now against critics of the WMSCOG:


  1. WMSCOG vs Ji Won Tak
  2. WMSCOG suing critical TV Journalist in Mongolia
  3. this site and a former member (below)
  4. a second lawsuit against a former member

Below are links to documents associated with the court case:

WMSCOG vs Colon, Newton - VA Case #2011-17163




  • so God wants 15 million for pain and suffering????

  • Let us all pray that the tables will turn into this site’s favor. This site is only establishing facts and testimonies, and is being silenced because of it. Only a false religion will try to silence those who are opposed to it.

  • So God is suing people now? must be to pay for all those expensive dresses “mother” wears…this is absurd

  • My prayers are with you all in this fight… I am pretty sure people are allowed free speech and that any judge would rule in your favor. What they do not realize is that if my brother, who has recently came to his senses, were to go back and we lose him again, I would be at the same town hall meetings and be bringing the truths to light. [Moderated by admin]. If they want to put me on the stand, I would say it in court and under oath. Jesus Christ has my back. Their leader does not. I do not worry one bit about their falsities. What is happening right now for this? Do you have to go to court? This is an excellent resource for people and their evil is attempting to shut it down. What can we do to support you?

  • Just read the report about the mongolian issue, oh wow now God will sue people for “moral damage” just ridiculous.
    The members should read this with their sense and ask themself… Does true God needs lawyers and lawsuits to settle his/her affairs? Coz most gods i know usually dont need legal case to smitenon believers.

  • Hi! The worst part is that I got to meet Michelle Colon. I remember her and how they actually keept on telling us that she ate from the tree of good and evil. Now that I have been segregated from this group for almost a year I feel so spiritually raped. That last Passover that she participated I seat righ next to her. They considered me a mature sister so I was not in “danger.” At the time I did nt know anything about what was going on. I feel so sad about all the difficulties that she went through and how her mariage was messed up. I wish I could help in some way. Michelle if you are reading this, (I remember that you used to do your nails in a French style with glitter). I remember who her husband was at the time and I remember her always looking uncommited to everything going on around her. I remember how hard was for her to pray in this “new name.” I remember her when they made her seat in between the missionary and the diaconess. I know that there was one of the prayers for the feast that she was crying and praying and for some reason I knew that she was really calling for God Almighty. Now I get to understand the other side of the story.

    • Hello jellybean,
      I think I remember you. I’m so happy that you were able to free yourself. I would really like to know more about what happened to you and why you left. Please contact me by using the contact form here. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • My son has been involved in the church for two years! I pray everyday that his eyes are opened and he allows the truth to be seen. If anyone has any suggestions on what helped them see the truth, I would be most appreciative.

  • So by “love your enemies” the Bible clearly means SUE THEM. Remember that “the Bible clearly says” [email protected]$%* LOL. Attention: god sues people.

  • Not to be the stick in the mud or anything, but If they are suing due to defamatory remarks, and multiple slander cases… doesn’t that mean that someone went out of their way to do that? I mean every church goes through persecution, Christianity has been going through it for hundreds of years. I don’t think that church would just get sue happy, unless something over the line was done against them in a major way. Unless you are a Scientology member, then you sue everyone for disagreeing with you

  • So is anyone trying to crack the case between connection of big shine and WMSCOG?? I looked on their LinkedIn profile and on their articles I looked at their likes and found a brother that likes their articles so clearly they are connected. Also it seems they may be connected with other companies by different name in China. Anyone looking into these things?