WMSCOG Hosts “Family Togetherness” Event At Middle School?

On January 21, 2001 the World Mission Society Church of God hosted an event called “Mother’s Warm Love Melts The Cold Winter” at Benjamin Middle School in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  The Ridgewood Patch published an online article about the event called, “The Ridgewood Weekend: Family Togetherness and a Church Concert“.  The article quotes Tara Byrne (WMSCOG Missionary AKA Tara Whalen) as stating, “This event is geared toward bringing families together”.

Family Togetherness?

While I’m sure this will help them recruit new members, I’m surprised at their claim that they “bring families together”.  From my own experience, I know that members are separated from spouses and children all day during the Sabbath.  I don’t see any family togetherness promoted there.  Adult members are usually busy out recruiting new members during the week and the children spend their time in a room watching emotional and historically inacurate WMSCOG “videos” and learning the WMSCOG “Bible studies”.  From my own personal experience, I can vouch that married couples did not study the Bible together and children did not study the Bible with their parents either.  If your family member wasn’t part of the WMSCOG, then things got really difficult.  Several people in the church had left their families because of the tension created by this difference in “religion”.

Which Mother Do They Mean?

It is also interesting to note that the WMSCOG does not mention that the “mother” they refer to in the title of their event, is none other than Zhang Gil Jah, the Korean lady the WMSCOG believes to be the “mother god”.  I saw one of the promotional advertisements for this event floating around Ridgewood and it did not mention anything about the WMSCOG’s “mother god”.  Why wasn’t the public made aware of this?  If the WMSCOG believes that Zhang Gil Jah is the “mother god”, then why hide it?

When I was in the WMSCOG, I was surprised that members did not refer to their real mothers by using the word “mother”.  Members instead intentionally used the word “mom” to refer to their birth-mothers, and reserved the title of “mother” for Zhang Gil Jah alone.  The same applied to the members’ real fathers.  Only Ahnsahnghong was referred to as “father”, while members were expected to refer to their paternal fathers as “dad”.

Conditional Togetherness

The only family togetherness that the WMSCOG promoted when I was a member was among “family” within the WMSCOG.  When members joined they were indoctrinated to believe that their “earthly families” were not important in comparison to their “spiritual familieswithin the WMSCOG.  This created incredible tension for any spouses or family members who did not join the group.  It was very much an “us” verses “them” mentality.

This event that the WMSCOG is hosting then in Ridgewood, New Jersey then really misrepresents who they are and what they teach.  The World Mission Society Church of God can package their image any way that they want, but I’ve seen how they act in practice and many former members can tell you about their experience as well.