Steve Hassan Lectures On The Strategic Interaction Approach

A great lecture for family members struggling with a cult member.  An excellent guide on how to talk to cult members and make the most of every interaction.


  • for those listening to Steven Hassan, before you believe, YOU should go first for yourself to world mission society church of God and confirm with your two eyes whether what he is talking is true or FALSE. it’s very easy to say something negative to someone just like Pharisees did to Jesus 2000 years ago. THEY ALSO CALLED JESUS HERETIC and false prophet but it’s not true. If you’re really a fair person, Listen first to the prophecies EXPLAINED BY THE CHURCH, then you would find out the TRUTH. GOD BLESS YOU…

    • Elizabeth, you compare Steve Hassan to the Pharisees? The Pharisees were the keepers of the Words of God. Even though they did not understand them the way they should they were still the keepers of the Judean faith. Steve, I’m sad to say, is not a Christian and best I can tell doesn’t aline himself with any religious group. He does try to be respectful of other peoples beliefs while still not advicating for any group. If Steve Hassan is a Pharisee then he really sucks at it but not as bad as your groups attempt to discredit him. God Does Not Bless Your Group! The way your group ignores so much of Gods Word places you squarely into the people that take away from the Word of God. Get free of this trap you are in right now! The alternative is that you will partake in all of the plagues and end up separated from God because of your participation in the WMSCOG. By the way, I have tried to study with your group and I found it so offensive and contradictory to Gods Word that it physically makes me nautious. When I pointed out some of the obvious and rediculess problems between your doctrine and Gods Word I was pushed away. So much for studying with your group. No love was shown.

    • I have tried to visit your group. They are so loving and accepting that they would not even let me in the door! I guess your truth is not open to everyone! Talk about prejudging before you know the truth. GOD BLESS YOU IF IT IS JUST AND RIGHT FOR HIM TO DO SO!!!

  • This whole idea of trying something before you call it wrong is a serious flaw in the thought processes.

    Don’t think of murder as bad until you try it for yourself! What???

    Now you might think that I’m overstating but what the WMSCOG does is spiritual murder! It’s not right and needs to be stood up against until it disappears completely.

  • haha we can try to understand why they do what they do. Then we can then speak if not we are just blindly following our emotions. seek first to understand if we want to be understood. Theres reasons why they are so passionate about the thing they believe.

    • YL, the problem is that WMS members were told that we don’t understand them, or that we have no idea… but most of us do. I, for example, am an ex member, so I know why they do what they do, and I understand why they are so passionate… but I also in a moment, put the passion aside and tried to understand if what I was believing was TRUE and was ACCURATE, and after that I left.

      Believe what you want to believe, but also analyze what you are following, do your research. Be free

      • Brother you are absolutely right. Your word to word is right, we are free, we don’t have to fear. Do the research and then believe it, otherwise you are wasting your time, energy and money. That’s exactly what the members wmscog are doing. They have become blind and deaf. Deceived, cheated and fooled by the WMSCOG.