Signs Of The End Times? — Dead Birds And Fish

Recently, someone I know from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) invited me to keep the Passover claiming that it is the only way to be saved not only from the disasters that are upon us today but of the disasters that will bring forth the end of the world.  I asked what disasters she was referring to and she asked if I had heard about the mysterious deaths of hundreds of birds and fish in the news.  I told her that I had not but that I would look into it.  She proceeded to ask me if I had heard about the recent earthquake in Japan. I answered yes.  She then responded that the recent earthquakes and mysterious deaths of birds and fish, were signs that Biblical prophesies were being fulfilled.  She then pointed me to this verse in Zephaniah:

“I will sweep away both man and beast; I will sweep away the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea—and the idols that cause the wicked to stumble.  When I destroy all mankind on the face of the earth, declares the LORD” Zephaniah 1:3

A Common Phenomenon?

I don’t know about anyone else reading this article but I don’t just take anyone’s word for it when it comes to making any major life decisions.   If you were buying a house for example, would you just sign on the dotted line on your mortgage without doing the appropriate research?  Would you not demand a thorough inspection of the house and a very detailed explanation of the terms to the mortgage?  Would you compare their terms with those of other companies?  How much more should you research an organization and their claims before you buy into their belief system?  Especially since it concerns the worship of God?

So I decided to do some research on some possible reasons for the mysterious deaths of birds and fish.  This is what I found.

On January 3, 2011, the NY Times published an article titled, “For Arkansas Blackbirds, The New Year Never Came“.  The NY Times reports that 5,000 blackbirds fell dead from the sky.  Interestingly, the USDA poisons thousands of blackbirds with DRC-1339 in order to prevent agricultural damage as well as for human health and safety issues. The USDA even publishes a spreadsheet that demonstrates the number of birds and other animals it poisons regularly.  In 2009 alone, the USDA poisoned 993,183 blackbirds (Brewer’s, Red-Winged, Yellow-Headed, Mix-Species).

On January 5, 2011, two million dead fish were reported in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland in an article on CBS News.  History proves that millions of fish dying is not a new phenomenon.  The article noted that in Maryland, 15  million fish died in early 1976 and a smaller number in 1980.  Why wasn’t 15 million dead fish in 1976 a sign of the world coming to an end?  Why wasn’t it a sign of the end in 1980?

In all, we have to be careful with alarmist sensationalism and look at events in the proper perspective of our global society.  Large swaths of animals dying for both natural and unnatural causes is nothing new, and these recent events are hardly the signs of the end times. In fact, they’re not even large in terms of the history of these events.

I wonder why my friend would think such a thing?



  • When grasping at straws or trying to provide proof some people will latch onto anything that might make their point. Nice work on testing the information. One of the seven seals talks about one third of everything on Earth being destroyed. Historically you will not find that this event has taken place. If people are trying to prove “End Times” this would be one of the major hurdles that they need to get over. The other thing is that we are not supposed to worry about the “End Times” just live our lives as if tommarrow will never come but at the same time in a way that honors Jesus Christ. Be at peace my friends.

    • The main fact is that Jesus Christ is coming back soon. The end times has been going on for some time now, and what we view as time is completely different to what God our Father views as time. He holds it in His hand, while we keep track of it on a calendar and a clock. He does with it what He wills. But the truth in all of this is that Jesus Christ will very soon be back to judge us, and the time of Repentance is now. Don’t take this lightly because your life seriously depends on it. Eternity is forever, and the choice is yours!! God Bless you