Problems With New Jerusalem by Ahn Sahng-Hong vs. The World Mission Society Church of God

problems-with-new-jerusalem-coverWorld Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) members have made a number of claims as to why Ahn Sahng-Hong wrote “Problems With New Jerusalem, The Bride and Women’s Veils“.  Some of the claims that members have made are that critics of the book have only looked at selected lines, have failed to examine the book’s content, or considered the situation around which the book was written.  (Their biblical misinterpretations are often a result of not taking the surrounding context into account).  This series of articles will focus on exactly how Ahn Sahng-Hong’s book absolutely contradicts what the WMSCOG teaches by taking an in-depth look at Problems With New Jerusalem and comparing it to WMSCOG information and literature.

WMSCOG members sometimes may mis-translate the title of the book to say “The New Jerusalem and the Bride:  Explanation on Women’s Veil”.  The Korean word being translated to “explanation” is 문제, which actually means problem.  You can copy and paste the Korean word into Google Translate to double check.  The topics in this book were such a problem for Ahn Sahng-Hong that he published the book twice while he was alive, once in 7/18/1980 and a second time 10/20/1983 [click the “Last” tab].  Therefore I find it hard to believe that Ahn Sahng-Hong “collected all the copies of the book” as some WMSCOG members claim.

There is also a misunderstanding that Ahn Sahng-Hong wrote Problems with New Jerusalem against Um Soo-In only.  In the Preface, Ahn Sahng-Hong writes, “This book was published to stop the troublemaker at church, namely those that misinterpret the Bible and act like a religious fanatic also to explain the errors of the books published by UhmSooIn and testify of the unchanging truth of the Church of our God”.  This is a very important statement that Ahn Sahng-Hong makes.  According to Ahn Sahng-Hong, the book has 3 purposes:

  1. to stop troublemakers in the church, those that misinterpret the Bible and act like religious fanatics
  2. to explain the errors that Uhm Soo-In makes in her books
  3. to testify of the unchanging truth of the “Church of God”

In this series of articles we will examine what Ahn Sahng-Hong wrote regarding Um Soo-In’s interpretation of the Bible and how his writings compare to the WMSCOG’s interpretation of the same verses, his interpretation of the New Jerusalem and the Bride, and WMSCOG member commentary on the topic.


  • I’m losing my wife to this church

    • Beau, go to the forum and private message me. I’m MountainMom.

    • I have been in this same position before. Trust me when I tell you that trying to be logical with her will not work. Showing her how the teachings of the WMSCOG conflicts with Gods Word only elicits a cult created response in their members and it is never the kind of response that a logical, thinking person would give. It usually leads to an argument followed by them saying “God Bless You” or something like that followed by some king of insinuation that you just don’t understand. We don’t understand because the members have been taught that others who do not have the “truth” will not understand because the “truth” in not in them. You can go round and round with this. After any confrontation you can expect the member to call someone else for help and consolation. Something that they should be turning to you for. This person that they call is usually assigned to them as a kind of handler and they will report the activities of your loved one to the people above them. At this point this group will keep arming your loved one against you and trying to build a wall in between you. How do you overcome this? LOVE! Keep showing love! This group focus’s hardcore on love and when you are showing love it is going to weaken their hold on your wife. By showing her love you are also going to be showing her that there is a way out and a place for her to go outside of this group and its undue influence and pressure. If they continue to try and turn her against you and you are showing her love it will undermine what this group is trying to do. She will begin to doubt them and start once again turning to you because she will know that you love her while this group only says that they love her. This is not easy! It will test you to the ends of yourself and you will still get into quarrels with her but you need to always be the one to show love especially when it comes to swallowing your pride and putting her first. One other thing; don’t try and stop her from going to this group. They have already told her that Satan will try and use her family to keep her from the “truth” as they put it. You will look like you are being used by Satan if you try and stop her from going. I’ll be praying for you.

  • I think I encounter one of these people. They gave me leaflets and everything they teaches are from the bible yours were not. How come you say bad things to them? If you are true people of God you must do the same thing, aren’t you?