Chairwoman of the International We Love U Foundation

My friend in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) claims that Zhang Gil Jah is their god, which they call “Jerusalem Mother” or “Heavenly Jerusalem”. This is a strange teaching to me. How does she find time to do that and also attend the board meeting of the International We Love U Foundation? What am I talking about? Click here and see for yourself.

Look at that smiling face! She’s apparently the “Chairwoman of The International We Love U Foundation.” What is interesting is if she was divine, how come this site makes no mention of it? How come this site makes no mention of the World Mission Society Church of God?

My friend in the WMSCOG is always yelling about “Passover” and how we have to go to it to be saved. My question for my friend is: “If we have to go to Passover to be saved, then why does this woman you claim is God, not bother telling any of the folks in the International We Love U Foundation about it? Why isn’t anything about that on their web site?

Does that raise any red flags?  It should.  That label below her picture clearly says “chairwoman” and not “god”.


  • if bible testifies her as God The Mother will u belive her? at the first coming of jesus they call him as man son of joseph . at last they killed him. cannot he came in flesh? first of all know the truth then only u can belive her as God

  • HAI
    U R MISTAKEN BROTHER U NEED TO KNOW FROM BIBLE. [moved to forum by admin for further discussion]

  • I bet the “We Love U” means “we love you, but if you don’t agree with what we say you will go to hell” 😀

  • You took out a website to waste…[this comment has been moved to the forum]

    • No William. The owner of this website feels deeply for you and others like you who are going to lose their eternal soul to the devil (in the form of a goddess, which the bible warns about). It is not a waste of time if even one soul is saved from the devil.

  • Find a WMSCOG. Stay for a study on the Sabbath, Passover, and the Tree of Life. Read Revelations 22:18. And you will understand. God bless you, and we love you!

    • Hello Emily,
      Are you willing to communicate with me via email? Let us discuss our faith. You tell me about yours, I’ll tell you about mine. Let us understand each other.

    • @Emily .. Actually your organization worships no god at all. its the money your organization worship. What is good in worshipping a dead man ha Emily? and what is good in worshipping a woman alive and having past history of broken marriage? What you and your organization doing is the most filthiest thing ever on God’s sight. Who originates Creation ha Emily? Your appointed gods or someone not seen but extremely Supreme and Powerful. This palanet Earth and Solar System who designed and created all these, living things, animals, insects, birds, fishes, trees, humans, we are all creations of the GOD. This earth and the planets, moon sun existed billions years before humans were created. You and your colleagues and WMSCOG, you should know your punishment of blasphemy and treason against the Commandments of GOD…. HELLFIRE Emily, HELL forever in the second life. READ THE NOBLE QURAN . Its the LAST TESTAMENT confirming the BOOKS which came before it. Not a Bible altered countless of times generations after generations.

  • reference to the we love you foundation page depicting the chairwoman …. zanhng gil jah says after her statement “God Bless You” Question ???? if she’s god why she not said “I Bless You”
    WMSCOG really fabricating stories, lies after lies and deceiving unsuspecting innocents

  • The “We Love U Foundation” is an International front group for the World Society Church of God. A parallel example would be the well organized cult, “Moonies” Who have done this successfully with many front groups. The purpose of front groups is to interact with society with charitable works in the guise of “helping” people in order to attract more recruits. Cults usually have a pyramid structure in which there is one central leader, “God the Mother” in which all who are indoctrinated submit to. Their job is to go out and recruit as many new members as they can. One of the first duties of new members are to recruit new members. “We Love U” have also organized demonstrations on college campuses by getting members inside of off campus student groups such as religious tolerance clubs and the like. These tactics influence youth to view the groups as harmless, happy and a fulfilling way of life. Front groups are formed by incorporating them legally in each state that church members open shop as well as filing in America for a 501(c) 3 to make it a non profit religious entity. By doing so, they are protected from an open book policy through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which means any profits gained for their church isn’t tracked. From researching this information, it appears they are sending the money back to Korea to the main church’s family, which is Zangh Gil Jah’s family who are billionaires living a lofty life.


    • Just a clarification. Wms was awarded the “Presidents medal of service”. Obama didnt hand it to you. The medal requires a bunch of Community Service and a 4$ registration fee. Facts. Nobody is “making up lies”. And Zhang never references anything abouy Wms in WeLuvU. Plus, God using a company, to gain praise is clearly deceptive.
      1. Because the members are doing the work, NOT her. Therefore she is not being praised.
      2. Hiding behind a company, again is well….Deceptive.

      Have an open, unbiased and thinking mind. If this weren’t a problem for you, then why did you come here to this site? Ask yourself honestly. You know there are loopholes. You’ve probably been told conflicting stories in the church, like I was. Im not necessarily even saying “Leave”, but when we learn to stop ignoring the signs that are around us, we can make a better judgement.

  • Dear Abhishek brother… just think about… we are not ur enemy. we love to clear ur doubts.. but first of all ask your self if you go at the time of Jesus. jesus teach you with the old testament about him. could you believe that this person (Jesus) is really GOD.
    and brother u talking about Jerusalem mother and want to know her. your question is good. but please meet the any member of WMSCOG and ask him about this.
    when you understanding the basic knowledge and basic commandments of god. you can easily understand the hole bible. keep calm.

    • Opps..! sorry. its not for you Abhishek brother.. by mistake i mention you name. Well its for those who doesn’t believe on WMSCOG.

  • @GODisonlyONE.. yes your question is right. but tell me do you believe that JESUS is god….? if Yes.. then i just wanna tell you that jesus also said that god send him. He is the son of god. but on the other way according trinity Jahoa=jesus=Holy Spirit. trinity is equal then why jesus use that word. son of God even he is god himself.

    • But in Romans, it clearly states that he will not die again. It doesnt say, or even translate to, “die to sin again”. Jesus ascended, in the flesh according to the bible. The bible does not testifiy of hom coming again ad WMS claims. I can’t really understand your sentence, but the lies that Wms spew are piled high. We were told so many contradictory things at the church over 4 1/2 years.

      • Did Jesus bost about him self open wide to be God?

        • No.But that also doesnt make Ahn, God. So lets switch it up;

          Did Jesus marry a woman, have 4 kids, then “marry” another woman?
          Did Jesus Publish a book making points toward there being no God after him?
          Did Jesus fail at any End of the World prophecy?

          Marybelle. You can stay in that church ALL you want. One thing as a former member I realized is this; Many members have issue with the lies, inconsistencies and the going ons in WMS. Due to the fact that they WANT an experience as close to being accurate as possible, they stay. I have had many conversations with other members when I was a member. The holes in the logic are there.

        • As a matter of fact Jesus DID openly claim to be God. This is why He was put to death. Reading the Bible is very enlightening about this! Members of the WMSCOG might want to try this.

  • Ughhh I dislike finding out later when people are RIGHT…..and Iam not however shamed to come say 1)I’m sorry for my Comment…2) Found out only thing that MATTERS TO WMSCOG Is NUMBERS BARING FRUITS and Numbers in $$$ I gave my very LAST $10 a single mom struggling and left a bad SITUATION,did Fundraisers Sick all in the name God I asked my Zion please would you mind helping me HOLD A G.SALE They told me to go to Welfare and the Food Bank…lol wow in shock and disbelief I left that Church as I gave Away all my bottles,f old and Money to help others it was no recieves well when A Sister was in need and sadly I walked away Jesus would never do that ……Zhang poor woman Led astray too so please don’t condemn her,she like me,Like Most are Mislead….only HEAVENLY MOTHER N FATHER WE HAVE IS MARY N JESUS….once again O do Apologize to ANYONE AFFECTED BY WMSCOG I’ve been Deprogramming myself since ……

  • Thanks for coming back here to comment Kelly. It seems like you found out early what the Wmscog is really about. Your last comment in April sounded as though you were adamant that people critical of the church were liars. What made you come here and comment in April, if I may ask? Were you instructed to, or did you come out of curiosity? How did you hear of this site?

    I am happy that you found out about this group early and that you have freedom now. Good luck to you, and to anyone else who finds their way out.