“A Member With Financial Troubles Can Not Represent Father and Mother” – A Former Member’s Story

This true story from one of our friends who is now a former member of the World Mission Society Church of God has been posted here with their permission.  Here is our friend’s story in her own words:

I was introduced to this group by my brother who was baptized while in the Navy.  He had no prior knowledge of the Bible at all, and at times can be easily impressionable.  Being a church hopper I always ran away from a church at the least sight of something not sounding or looking right.  In the beginning, the things my brother told me about the trinity made sense.  So I vowed to attend service one Saturday just to get a feel for it, only to be informed that I needed a study first.  My husband and I, with kids in tow, went one Saturday and were directed downstairs to the hall for a study which was called “The Parable of The Fig Tree” (which is about the fall and rise of Israel, Ahnsahnghong was born or something of that nature) and when the second coming of Christ appeared.  I could hardly concentrate because I was distracted by pictures of this woman with so many people surrounding her.  So I asked who this woman was that was surrounded by so many people, and my brother simply said “you’ll learn soon”.  But I told my husband, forget soon I want to know now!  So the missionary said, “We teach in a systematic order according to father’s teachings so you will know in due time everything”.  So I was there with my family studying until midnight.  I’m very observant of my surroundings so I hardly paid attention because of the pictures on the wall, “smiling faces” and being stuffed with kimchi and coffee.

We left and returned the next day after one of the deacons pleaded with us to. That’s when they studied with us about “Jerusalem mother”, showed some videos all of which are pretty convincing, and once they showed us their interpretation of Genesis 1:26-27 we were sold.  We started out going to every service, every feast, ceremony and all, paying tithes and giving offerings during each service.  Most times we gave until we had little money left and nothing to show for it.  I bought groceries for this organization and gave hard earned money.  But if I came across hard times I was told, “We don’t lend helping hands sister because it help you better to depend on Father and Mother”.

I started becoming really suspicious of these people.  I became especially suspicious when they started telling me not go on the internet and that I should work on studying to gain ten talents instead.  It was after this that I started researching the church (something I should have done in the beginning) and began to see that it wasn’t a church at all, but a cult.  I found another site which in turn led me to the Examining website and so forth.  I started asking questions that led the Missionary to center his sermons around questions that I had asked.  For example, the Missionary would say “brothers and sisters we don’t need to search the web for info about father and mother do we because we know who true father and mother is don’t we?” and then look at me out of the corner of his eye.  They would say things like a member with financial struggles couldn’t represent father and mother, but I still dont get that.

The leaders at the WMSCOG location I attended, say that they have all of the knowledge that theologians wish they had, and been searching for for centuries.  But once the truth about the WMSCOG’s misinterpretations of the Bible are exposed, they really don’t know that much.  I was told that they do not preach to elderly because they are set in their ways.  I believe that the WMSCOG targets the young and naive, which is how my 18 yr daughter was recruited by them.

Recently, during a holiday get-together with my family, I heard my daughter and brother say that they planned to preach to my family members during this get-together.  So in an attempt to raise my family’s awareness, I informed them of my brother and sister’s intentions.  I showed them the examining site and pointed out that Ahnsahnghong never said he was “god” and that there was no way that Zhang Gil Jah was “god” either.  Then my daughter shouted “you don’t know anything!”.  So I told her “I know that you are wrecking your life investing it in a doomsday cult and that woman in Korea is a [edit]” (maybe I went too far).  Then my daughter hit me in the mouth!

After that incident I refuse to have any contact with my daughter.  I have vowed to provide any support that I can to other victims of this organization because I believe that the World Mission Society Church of God destroys families, worships idols [Zhang Gil Jah], and is blasphemous against Jesus Christ.  I was able to get out without any further destruction to my family, but my brother, daughter, and others are still being robbed and manipulated.  There is also a sister who befriended me at this church who is ill and has to work all of the time despite her illness because her husband lost his job after refusing to work on Saturdays.  When she came back from Korea, she told me that she was convinced it [the WMSCOG] was completely fake and she wanted out, but she can not leave the WMSCOG because she is afraid of her husband.  Please continue to pray for all the families affected by the World Mission Society Church of God.

There you have it.  Tough words for the World Mission Society Church of God from yet another former member.  Sadly, this story isn’t unlike all the others we hear.  Our friend and her family will be in our prayers.  Please pray for all families affected by this group, and contact us, if you would like to share your experience.

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  1. Laura says

    I was fooled by these ppl but am not going back.

    1. UntouchableJ says

      Great!! I recently left as well. Trust in the fact that the WMS is a lie.

      1. Laura says


    2. Anne says

      Please help my daughter has just joined and I have no idea how to help her get out. She is brainwashed.

      1. T.H. says

        Anne, you are right that she is brainwashed. The feelings that you are having are real and justified. What you need to do in order to help her get out is going to go against what you are really going to want to do. When my loved on was trapped by this group I just wanted to prove just how false this group is. DON’T DO THAT!!! She has already been prepped with the idea that people outside of this group are going to try and take away the “Truth” from them so if you start in on her with proving that this group is false she will see it as they were right. You will look like you are trying to take away the information that has been shared with her. Again, DON’T DO THAT!!! What you need to do is show her real love! The so called love that she thinks that she’s discovered will eventually fade and she will remember that your love has not faded. Keep the lines of communication open! This is key number two. The group will try and separate her from all previous support system that were in her life including you. They will attempt to place themselves into that role so that your daughter will only listen to them when things count. They will attempt to cut her off from all outside influences especially things that go directly against their teachings. Your best approach when talking with her about this is to act curious, ask questions, and help her to come to her own conclusions. She has studied her way into this mess and she will need to study her way out of it. This is going to be a very slow process so you need to be very patient and at times very disarming. When tensions start to build you need to back down. Hard to do I know but believe me this is what helps. When they can’t defend because you won’t fight they are not sure how to handle it. Keep showing love and keep the lines of communication open. BTW Never let her talk you or any other family member into attending a service or study. It will only make her go further into the group. They are already telling her that if she tries hard enough and sticks with them then her family will come into the WMSCOG as well. It’s a trap! Don’t fall for it!

  2. Laura says

    Having to pray in a language I do not know and going to see mother a Physical woman. It’s starting to scare me.

  3. Laura says

    I am having financial struggles due to illness. God knows my situation and I don’t need anyone’s not even this church to make me feel otherwise.

  4. Josephina says

    I am currently in this church and can not believe what I am hearing. When I first got baptized, I heard the words Christ Ahnsahnhong and knew right away that I was about to be stuck in a cult. I don’t know why I agreed to join in the first place, but I soon started to believe everything they said and now I don’t know how to get out. I tell my parents everytime that the wmscog are worshipping false christs; but they never seem to listen and just ingore it. They are not in the church themselves’ but I am scared that I would be stuck with them forever,I also am having financial struggles and desperately want to get out.

    If anyone can help me, I would appreciate some advice 🙂

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