Who Can Speak For God?

History is full of men who have claimed that they came from God, or that they were gods, or that they bore messages from God:

and thousands of others, right down to the person who founded a new religion this very day.

Taken at face value, they all have a right to be heard.  However, how are we to judge them?Reason tells us that if God were to send a messenger, with an all-important message for all of humanity, that the least He could do is pre-announce his coming.  Otherwise, there would be nothing to prevent any impostor from appearing in history and saying “I come from God,” or “an Angel appeared to me in the desert and gave me this message”.  In these cases, we would have no way of testing the messenger, other than taking him at his word, and he could be wrong.

There were no predictions about Buddha, Lao-tze, Muhammad, or anyone else; but there were predictions about Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament prophesies foretold the time and place of Christ’s birth, the message He would bring, the manner of his death, and what He would accomplish.

Jesus Christ, then, stands apart from all others in history, as being the only person whose coming was ever foretold.  This is what separates Christ from the rest.

Prophesy then, is a very important part of knowing who speaks for God.  Unless someone was prophesied as coming, how are we to believe them over the thousands of others?  

In our next lesson, we will look at some prophesies of Jesus Christ.

The above is borrowed from Fulton Sheen’s – The Life of Christ