Speaking With WMSCOG Members – “Do you believe the Bible?”

I was inspired to write this article because of the overwhelming number of times I am asked this question when discussing World Mission Society Church Of God doctrine.  It is always the same.  If you ask a WMSCOG member a critical question or point out a contradiction in their doctrine, Ahnsahnghong, Zhang Gil Jah, etc., they answer with the question, “Do you believe the Bible?”  So of course, as a person who believes in Jesus Christ, I say “Yes I do“.  The next thing that often happens is that the member will start to dish out the pre-recorded info contained in their studies and never actually answer the question you ask them.  Their fallacy is that if you say that you believe the Bible, then you must believe their interpretation of it.  This is the non-sequitur logical fallacy.

So just to clarify, it is not the Bible that I have an issue with, it is the WMSCOG’s interpretation of it.

Note to WMSCOG members:  Asking someone if they “believe the Bible” and having them answer “yes” does not prove that your interpretation of the Bible is correct.  That’s non-sequitur.


  • Pld, im using my phone, how may i contact i, i have a story i wish to share and it happened just recently and i just discovered this site!

  • This group brainwashed my ex-wife … we were going to resolve our marital issues and we were getting to re-kindle our love … but these idiots gave her a brain freeze with all the guilt-trip brainwashing tactics that use fear and guilt to break up families.
    The made her stop watching movies … which we used to do a lot on dates … and stopped her from listening to romantic music … which was what we used to do to unwind and show affection … they also milked our finances and created a lot of financial strain in our relationship … but worst of all what cut like a knife is that they drained our time as a couple … at that point chances of reconciliation were beyond reproach. I am not blaming the WMSCOG for fights we had as a couple … but I am totally blaming them for obstructing with the process of re-connecting with her as we were willing to work things out. They first seemed like a group that was going to counsel us … but when she was alone with them they would make her share her testimonies or what they call “fragrances” … to keep tabs on the state of our current affairs and lure her away from me. We are now divorced and I want the best for her … because sometimes she always runs out of money and I’d help her because I care about her … It’s them never ending colored envelops going to “Mother” .. service offerings, tithes, collections … you name it! I know her finances and the job she now has I got her in … and know well enough that she earns a decent salary but she’s always running out of money because of this group. What scares me the most is that whenever I chat with my ex-wife… the brainwash is so bad that there is ONE WAY DIALOGUE when we talk about WMSCOG. For example … she can say things about WMSCOG … but the minute I express my opinions or ask questions such as … “That is what you believe … and as for me Zhang and Ahn are mere mortal human beings … isn’t she the Chairman of We Love U Foundation” — then mu ex wife bursts into tears and always responds with a … “That is arrogant, you don’t insult Mother and Father … you don’t talk about them like that”. The conversation would get locked to a point where I can say anything about what I think … or even ask simple questions? That is how bad the brain-washing has gotten … they are trained to not care or entertain about what other people think. This is anonymous … writing from South Africa … I lost that God gave to me in hand of marriage to this wicked society. They are wolves in sheep clothing! Every time you see any of them just flee!

    • They milk time so that spouses divorce … to match make the divorcees with whom they deem marriage material within their own faith. …. I forgot to include that part. I last heard they were trying to hook her up with some brother Daniel. lol.

    • This is exactly how these slimy dogs work! They tried to get my wife interested in a newer member as well. As things worked out in my case it was because of the inconsistencies of the so called truth of the WMSCOG. Cults always fail their members sooner or later. Sorry about your divorce but keep those lines of communication open. Keep asking her non-confrontational questions. There is a lot of good information on this website. Use it well.

    • When I was a WMS member they sat us all down and told us to book a flight to Korea to meet with ‘Heavenly Mother’. Then the day before my flight I got a call from a WMS member saying that too many people around the world had been invited and no one in our group and other parts of the world was going. If ‘Heavenly Mother’ was real then why didn’t she see that one coming? I feel so foolish for ever believing in this cult. There are so many reasons not to follow the WMS and I don’t have enough time to write them all down here. However this is my warning to anyone and everyone to stay away from them.

      • Hyde, please don’t feel foolish for having joined this group. It could happen to anyone, believe me. It is no reflection whatsoever on you. This group is polished and professional in their presentation and methods of mind control. That is why I think they are the most dangerous and destructive group of this sort in the U.S. today. Everyone must pay attention and everyone needs to be united in resolve to expose the WMS. I am glad that you are now out. Please come to the forum part of the Examining site and post there. Helping others is a great way to heal.

  • I got some coming over to go over the bible so i was digging for more information about what im up against.

  • hello ,

    In China mainland, the members from wmscog is now preaching and spread the idea of God the mother , I am one of them who be led to believe the female god , but i am not clear about it . Many people in China may be misled by their teachings.Many people has limit access to the internet which is written in English.In order to make everyone saved and under the right teaching. i suggest you provide translations of Chinese of the website

    Best regards

  • #Mountainmom Thanks for your support. It is really is isolating when leaving WMS so it’s great to know there are other supportive people out there. By the way I am writing this from Australia so it just goes to show how far reaching the WMS problem actually is.

  • My friend was about to get a divorce from his wife, she told him to see other women and he began talking to me about this very “church”. How can he help her. They have 2 small children. she often just leaves the house to attend church without telling him and he finds out that she’s gone when he thought she just went to use the restroom. They live in India and I don’t know her well so I can’t be there physical or a source of any kind of information for her. It hurts to see my friend loosing his wife and to think of 2 young children who are loosing their mother. Please help me. Please give me some information that I can pass to my friend before they divorce and it’s too late. Oh and I believe she has been in the church for about 2 years now. Thank you.