Zhang Gil Jah
  1. An Interview With The NCPCOG:  Ahnsahnghong Believed The Idea Of A “Mother God” To Be Delusional
  2. Zhang Gil Jah’s Ex-Husband’s Side Of The Story?
  3. Who Does Ahnsahnghong Say Is The Bride?
  4. Ahnsahnghong Never Spoke About A “Mother God”?
  5. Chairwoman Of The International We Love U Foundation
  6. In The News But No Mention Of Her Being Special


Controversial Points

  1. Why all the Construction Before the End of the World?
  2. WMSCOG Hosts “Family Togetherness” Event At Middle School?
  3. Zhang Gil Jah’s Ex-Husband’s Side Of The Story?
  4. Ahnsahnghong Followed a False Prophet For 16 Years And Comes Up Short On the Prophecy of King David
  5. How The WMSCOG Indoctrinates And Changes A Person’s Life – Part 1 of 5
  6. Top Ten Reasons Why People Cease To Believe In The WMSCOG
  7. Why Is Difficult For Some WMSCOG Members To Leave? 
  8. Speaking With WMSCOG Members – “Do you believe the Bible?”
  9. “Boast About God”–Is God’s Grace Free?
  10. Elohim–One God Or Two?
  11. Is Doubt A Sign Of Little Faith?
  12. Signs Of The End Times? Part 1–Dead Birds And Fish


Financial Info

  1. Where Does The Money Go?
  2. Public Financial Info On The RickRoss.com Message Board
  3. Public Financial Info On YouTube.com
  4. Unemployed WMSCOG Member Asked Not To Return


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